Technical, Engineering And Management Consultants

Services Offered

By the grace of Almighty Allah, the TEAM Consultants have completed Ten successful years as an independent consulting firm. It is proud to say that in the field of hydropower TEAM Consultants has completed 14 feasibility studies and 3 detailed engineering design in its first ten years. TEAM Consultants has been working on the detailed engineering design, tender document and construction supervision of 7 (seven) projects. TEAM has offered services in town planning, architecture design and structural design in 3 (three) projects.

TEAM Consultants offers a broad spectrum of expert consultancy services “State of the Arts” ranging from conception to the completion and operation of development project. The scope of services covers the entire range of consultancy operation from Project Planning and appraisal through pre-investment feasibility and financial studies to investigation and exploration, site selection, engineering design, material equipment and works specification, construction supervision, contract management, quality control and finally preparation of technical manuals for the operation and maintenance of the project.