Technical, Engineering And Management Consultants

Fields of Activities

Buildings and Urban Planning

Master Planning of Residential and Commercial Complex including all services such as; Power Supply, Water Supply, Sewerage System, Roads, Rain Water Drainage, Gas, Telephone, Recreational Facility, Mosque, Graveyards, etc.


Town Planning

Topographic survey, Geological Investigation, Geo-technical Investigation, Ground Water availability, Surface Water Availability, Environmental Investigation, Infrastructure Investigation, Electric Power Demand and Supply Investigation. The laboratory testing in respect of soil, geo-technical, quality of water, quality of air, noise level, environmental, etc will be supervised and documented for use in design.

Communication and Human Resources Development

Environmental Management

Construction Planning and Management

Supervision of construction with regards to quality, cost and time, modern tools are available for proper planning and management. Assessment and quality of required material requirement, type and requirement of manpower and kind and requirement of construction machinery. Software are such as;

Flood Protection

Management and Evaluation

Proper Management in the modern world of any institution/hospital/factory/business is the key to success. To get optimum results from management audited evaluation is must. The Company can provide services in the following filed;

Dams and Reservoirs


Transmission and Distribution Network

Irrigation, Drainage Systems and Ground Water Development

Energy, Energy Conservation and Development