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Gahrait Swir Lasht Hydropower Project (52MW)

Project Name:

Gahrait Swir Lasht Hydropower Project (52MW)

Location Country/ Province/ Division:

District Chitral, KPK


Sarhad Hydel Development Organization

Implementation Start / Expected Completion:

June, 2012 to July, 2014

The hydropower site was identified during the identification of hydel potential in Northern areas of KPK by SHYDO/GTZ.
Technical Details of the scheme are:
P = 52MW, Q = 70 m3/sec, H = 100m, Ea = 213GWh
The scheme is located at Turkho River about 2 km downstream of Istaru Village. This river joins with mastuj River about 10 km downstream of Booni Town.