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Feasibility Study of Nalter-V Hydropower Project (14MW)

Project Name:

Feasibility Study of Nalter-V Hydropower Project (14MW)

Location Country/ Province/ Division:

Nalter valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Gilgit, Pakistan


Ujala Hydel Power Company (Pvt) Limited, Islamabad, Pakistan

Implementation Start / Expected Completion:

July 2006 to January 2008

Preparation of Feasibility study. Study included investigation in the field of topographic, hydrographic survey, geologic mapping, drilling and pitting, environmental and social investigation and survey. To complete the study following field were studied in detailed such as; hydrology and sedimentation, engineering geology, seismicity, environmental and social impacts, design and layouts of structures, development of construction plan, calculate benefits of project and economic analysis.