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Darmodar Hydropower Project, Feasibility Study (2.0MW).

Project Name:

Darmodar Hydropower Project, Feasibility Study (2.0MW).

Location Country/ Province/ Division:

Darmodar valley, Northern Areas, District Gizer, Pakistan.


Water and Power Department Northern Areas, Gahkuch, Pakistan

Implementation Start / Expected Completion:

June, 2007 to September, 2007

This is a run-of-river hydropower project located on the Darmodar River, a left bank tributary of Gilgit River near Gahkuch city, Northern Areas, Pakistan. Preliminary studies of Darmodar was carried out by GTZ/HEPO WAPDA.The project envisages a Tyrolean type diversion weir across Darmodar Gah which diverts water in to concrete lined power canal of 620 m length. The gravel and sand trap is also provided. The forebay is provided at the end of power canal. A 263m steel Penstock link the forebay and powerhouse. The discharge and head is 2 m3/s and 145 m, respectively. The powerhouse is open type and will house two numbers Pelton wheel. The project will be connected to local network