Technical, Engineering And Management Consultants

Construction of Lawi Hydropower Project (69MW)

Project Name:

Construction of Lawi Hydropower Project (69MW)

Location Country/ Province/ Division:

District Chitral, KPK


Sarhad Hydel Development Organization

Implementation Start / Expected Completion:

June, 2012 to July, 2022

Lawi Hydropower project is located 40km short of Chitral city which is the northern most district of KPK of Pakistan. Lawi hydro Power project of installed capacity of 69MW has been planned on Shishi river, a left bank tributary of Chitral River by utilizing a gross head of 413m and discharge of 20 m3/s to generate approx. 303GWh annual energy. The project has a headrace tunnel of 11 km. A fixed concrete weir is proposed on Shishi river near lao Nassar village to divert maximum of 20 m3/s discharge of water to a headrace tunnel which will carry it near Lawi village from where pressure shaft and tunnel will bring these flows down to the powerhouse.