Technical, Engineering And Management Consultants

3.0 MW Gugera Hydropower Project, Pre Feasibility Study

Project Name:

3.0 MW Gugera Hydropower Project, Pre Feasibility Study

Location Country/ Province/ Division:

RD 216+100 Upper Gugera Branch Punjab Pakistan.


M/S Svvy Links

Implementation Start / Expected Completion:

March, 2008 to December, 2008

Initially ranking of 10 indentified sites was prepared by Hydro Electric Planning Organization (HEPO) WAPDA under technical collaboration with German Agency for Technical assistance (GTZ) also prepared inventory of hydel potential along existing irrigation system (including canals and barrages) of Pakistan. Out of these sites, M/s Survey Links selected the sites of RD 216+100 and RD 220+750 of Upper Gugera Branch (UGB) for their development and engaged the services of M/s Technical, Engineering and Management (TEAM) Consultants, Pakistan former Technical and Engineering Services for preparation of conceptual pre-feasibility level design required for issuance of Letter of Interest (LOI) by the Punjab Power Development Board.