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20 MW Hanzel Hydropower Project, Feasibility Study.

Project Name:

20 MW Hanzel Hydropower Project, Feasibility Study.

Location Country/ Province/ Division:

Hanzel at Gilgit River, Northern Areas, Pakistan.


Water and Power Department Northern Areas, Gilgit, Pakistan

Implementation Start / Expected Completion:

July, 2008 to May, 2009

This is a run-of-river hydropower project located on the Gilgit River, a main tributary of Indus River about 11 km from Gilgit city, Northern Areas, Pakistan. Diversion weir is located near Harpoon village has three parts, fixed and lateral intake/low level flushing section. Low level flushing section is equipped with two gates of same size. Fixed weir and low level flushing section and water diverted to gated intake to connecting channel to forebay and then to power channel. Total length of power channel is 5.1 km and rated head is 62.8 m and discharge 38 m3/s with installed capacity of 20 MW energy studies were made and annual energy delivery to the grid is 171.48 GWh per year.